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If you want to speak English fluently you need to “think in English.”

To become good at a language you need to be able to think in that language. Most people think in their native language and then translate to English.


Filler words are used to allow people to collect their thoughts.

This leads to them being overused and in turn, they become crutches. This prevents people from becoming fluent English speakers. It also takes away from the speaker’s credibility and distracts from what they are saying.


Are you having a hard time during conversations in English?

If you have difficulties speaking in English then why not practice a bit before entering the real world? You can access a massive list of questions about food, free time, goals, hobbies, vacations, travel plans, and more.


If you want to speak English fluently you need to “think in English.” You can do this through consistent practice.

 This list of the top Business English idioms will help you to improve your knowledge of them and help you to better understand native English speakers who commonly use them.


How can I effectively use Business English collocations to ensure that I sound capable when speaking with native English speakers?

Take a look at the list of terms and check back since we will continue to add to this list.


What are the latest business English topics to focus on for 2020?

This is a question that my business students ask all of the time. Take a look at our list of the topics that are commonplace in the workplace in 2021.


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