My Simple Story

About me


After working many years as a software developer, manager, director of Asia, and COO I dropped it all to start teaching online. Without any regrets, I have never looked back.

Do you need help becoming fluent in English? Would you like to take lessons from a certified teacher with nearly a decade of experience? I can help you with your English speaking, comprehension, pronunciation, and other skills.

My method is simple and it works. You will take structured lessons through an online learning management system. 

I have been teaching since 2012

Now here is the most important part about taking lessons with an experienced certified teacher like me.

While you take these lessons you will receive valuable solutions for any errors that you are making. This could be with your pronunciation, grammar, and overall fluency. best of all, I can simply show you the best way to convey what you want to say in an effective manner. 

This is important and the reason why you should look for teachers who have these skills.

Probably the most important skill of an English as a second language teacher is pattern recognition.

By listening and finding patterns in how you speak English, it is easy for you to get help by making corrections at the right time. 

This is what separates professional teachers from the average teachers.

How This Helps You

Me being a certified teacher does help, of course. More important than that, being a teacher online for almost a decade has given me plenty of time to highly develop the skill of finding what is holding English learners like you back. 

Figuring out what is wrong, letting you know the errors, and then showing you what you need to do to improve your English is what I excel at.

A simple twenty-five-minute lesson with me turns into two to three hours of learning. How? Through follow-up lessons, you are able to practice on your own. 

There is a proverb: “Give a man a fish feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for life.” That is my approach with my students.

You will be empowered to learn on your own. That way you are not waiting for the next lesson to further your English language skills. 

Lastly, one reason to take lessons with me is my background. Fortunately, I have traveled to and lived in many countries. I have had to learn other languages due to this. This helps you since I know firsthand what it is like to learn a new language.

If you are only looking for conversation practice you can find plenty of other teachers available. 

Specialized Areas:

One is in teaching children aged thirteen and up. Many of the children I have taught have moved to the US, Canada, or other countries where they need to speak in English. I also help children living in non-English speaking nations that are learning English so that one day they can go abroad for college. If your child needs help they can get the help they need through structured lessons. Also, I use one of the latest testing systems to track their progress.

Another specialty is teaching business professionals such as managers, IT professionals, international sales, marketing for English-speaking countries, lawyers, doctors, and others focused on international business. 

My main strengths are in teaching you how to be more effective in communication during meetings, emails, conference calls, and through other correspondences such as business proposals and business plans.

On occasions, I do work with business professionals by helping to prepare presentations, proposals, and marketing materials.

You can contact me in case you have another type of need.

Gain New Knowledge and Skills, With An Experienced Teacher!

Let me help you individually, your company, team, management staff, or any other organization to improve your English skills. Learn through organized lessons and skillful teaching. There is virtually nothing better than online ESL lessons to help you maximize your learning efforts.