Resources For Learning English Online

Here are some various resources and how to use them. One of the main tips and learning English is that you are consistent. These resources and instructions are no good if you do not plan and continue to work on your skills.


Rachel’s English Playlists – Pronunciation

One of the best ways to learn English is through YouTube. Where English learners struggle is with determining what videos to watch. With Rachel’s English you can use her playlists.

Treat her playlists as if you are watching a television series. Find a teacher that can help determine what areas you need help in. Then, they can help you by pointing to what playlists you need to focus on.

You can look at these YouTube playlists for learning English here.

English Vid – Grammar

There are multiple teachers on EngVid that also have playlists just like Rachel’s English. You can use them if you are focused on grammar. They also work on pronunciation as well but you find most of the teachers have a focus on students trying to learn English grammar. Click here to see all of their channels.

Memrise – Vocabulary

There are various apps available students can use to learn new vocabulary words. One of the best ones is a tool called Memrise. You can use it on your computer or on your phone. The reason I like it is that you can associate words with a picture. if you are learning new vocabulary it is hard to memorize just the words by themselves. It is much easier if you have a picture or meme that you can associate with it. It is best to get started with this list of phrasal verbs.

Grammarly – Writing

For anyone studying English one of the best tools is Grammarly. For those of you that have used it before with only the free version you really are missing out. The real power of Grammarly is the paid-for version.

Ed.Ted – Listening Skills

Many students enjoy listening to podcasts or watching some of their favorite programs in English. I highly recommend that you stop doing this. When you do this there is no goal in mind. Meaning, you are just passively listening and trying to understand what is being said.

It is better if you have a tool that gives you a quiz after you watch a program or listen to somebody talking. Check out the lessons at Ed.Ted.

Think In English

One of the main skills needed to become fluent in any language is the ability to think in that language. You will find an explanation on how to Think In English along with a series of videos. Each video will further teach you to think like a native speaker.

Engoo – Reading and Vocabulary

You can use Engoo Daily News to learn new vocabulary and to practice your reading skills. You have the ability to adjust the lessons to meet your level.

English For IT

If you are learning English for your career as a computer programming, network administrator, or other IT related field the use English For It. There is a free version and a premium version.

English Nursery Rhymes For Kids

Kids love to sing. Singing popular children’s nursery rhymes in English is a fun and interactive way to teach them how to become fluent. You will find videos for each of the nursery rhymes so that the kids can sing along.

Tongue Twisters

A fun and interesting way to work on pronunciation is by mastering tongue twisters in English. Do this on your own or with your friends. Make a game out of it to see who can do the best.