1. What will the world be like in 50 years?
  2. How will technology change in the future?
  3. Will artificial intelligence become smarter than humans?
  4. Will humans colonize other planets?
  5. What will transportation look like in the future?
  6. How will climate change affect the future?
  7. Will we find a cure for cancer?
  8. What will the future of work look like?
  9. How will the global economy evolve?
  10. Will renewable energy become the dominant source of power?
  11. Will virtual reality become a part of daily life?
  12. Will robots become common household appliances?
  13. How will medicine and healthcare change?
  14. What will education look like in the future?
  15. Will global population continue to increase?
  16. How will the political landscape change?
  17. Will space tourism become a reality?
  18. What will be the next big scientific breakthrough?
  19. How will the food industry change?
  20. Will the use of fossil fuels decrease?
  21. Will the gap between rich and poor increase or decrease?
  22. How will the internet and social media evolve?
  23. Will human life expectancy continue to increase?
  24. How will fashion and clothing evolve?
  25. Will there be major advances in renewable energy technology?
  26. Will the use of nuclear energy increase or decrease?
  27. Will governments become more or less powerful?
  28. Will there be major breakthroughs in renewable water sources?
  29. How will the entertainment industry change?
  30. Will augmented reality become more widespread?
  31. How will urbanization and population growth affect cities?
  32. Will the global climate become more stable or less stable?
  33. Will there be significant progress in the fight against pollution?
  34. How will the use of personal data and privacy evolve?
  35. Will the use of animal products in consumer goods decrease?
  36. How will global relations and diplomacy change?
  37. Will there be major developments in renewable building materials?
  38. How will the use of drones and other flying vehicles change?
  39. Will the use of cash continue to decline?
  40. Will there be major breakthroughs in the field of genetics?
  41. How will the retail industry change?
  42. Will the gap between rural and urban areas continue to grow?
  43. How will the use of artificial intelligence in the military change?
  44. Will there be significant advancements in renewable agriculture?
  45. How will the role of government in daily life change?
  46. Will there be major developments in renewable energy storage?
  47. How will the use of biometric identification technology change?
  48. Will there be major breakthroughs in the field of robotics? 49 later of AI?
  49. What impact will advancements in technology have on society?

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